Adult ADHD service launches in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Envision ADHD Clinic

October 03 15:24 2017
Envision ADHD Clinic was opened to make sure professional adults with ADHD receive the right treatment and specialist support they need to manage their condition and improve their lifestyle.

An expert in Adult ADHD has opened a new clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Behrens, who is a board-certified psychiatrist, and fellow of the American Psychiatric Association has opened the clinic to offer a professional and dedicated service that professional ADHD adults deserve.

Adults with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can now receive a professional service from the Envision ADHD Clinic to help them manage their condition and lead a fulfilling life. The new clinic provides a modern dedicated service which includes Electronic prescribing, where patients don’t have to drive to their doctors to pick up paper prescriptions.

The treatment options available from Dr. Behrens and his Milwaukee, Wisconsin ADHD clinic include a full medical care/prescriptions and recommendations for therapy/coaching, diet, exercise, supplements.

Dr. Behrens said: “ADHD can have a big impact on a person’s life. It can leave people struggling to concentrate and focus, resulting in an adult with ADHD not being able to achieve their full potential.”

Since the ADHD clinic was opened, it has gained huge exposure for the positive results it has been achieving. Through the clinics modern approach and their dedication, adults with ADHD are getting the help they need and having the life changed for the better.

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About Envision ADHD

At Envision ADHD, they strive to create a more accessible, understanding, and specialized care model for the professional with ADHD.

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