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October 05 14:50 2017
The new property newspaper serves the Melbourne area and helps to generate quality leads for Real Estate Agents with their unique distribution method.

A new property newspaper that has been launched by two young Vietnamese refugee’s entrepreneurs covers the Melbourne area. Melbourne Property Weekly which is Melbourne’s biggest property newspaper has been devised by Mike Huynh and Justin Nguyen who have over ten years’ experience in the real estate industry. They want to provide Real Estate Agents with a quality property newspaper with a unique distribution method that focuses on generating quality leads.

When placing an advert to sell a property, it’s important that the advert is money well spent. However, Real Estate Agents are finding they are wasting money by advertising in publications that don’t reach their target market. Many publications are left in shops, and fixed locations, being ignored by the target audience which means advertising campaigns are not achieving results. However, the Melbourne Property Weekly is different.

40,000 copies of the Melbourne Property Weekly are handed out to individuals in key locations.  The property newspaper is put in the hands of the reader. This distribution method provides the advertiser with a higher return on their investment, creating valuable leads.

The publication is distributed in places such as Melbourne CBD main railway stations, CBD Kiosk, CBD Café, Hotels, Entertainment venues and Restaurants venues.

When asked for the reason behind Melbourne Property Weekly, Justin Nguyen said: “We have spoken to lots of real estate agents who were fed up with losing money with other property newspapers which are left at fixed distribution points with no way of telling how many going to trash at the end of the day. During our research, we also found how frustrated those who were looking to rent or buy were with not having the right medium or tools to find all off the plan projects property they wanted in a much quicker time. Our property newspaper solves those problems.”

The exciting new property newspaper is a one-stop shop for buyers, looking for off the plan Projects, developments, and luxury apartments. The Melbourne property newspaper which has been described as an important lead generation tool aims to increase sales leads, and reduce the money wasted marketing a property.

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About Melbourne Property Weekly

Melbourne Property Weekly is Melbourne’s biggest property newspaper ensuring your premium real estate listings get into the hands of your target audience.

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Company Name: Melbourne Property Newspaper
Contact Person: Mike Huynh
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