Bed Bug Exterminator in Washington DC Offers Customers a Different Kind of Bed Bug Treatment

October 13 09:30 2017
Bed Bug Exterminator Washington DC offers its customers a different kind of bed bug treatment, an offer that is different from its competitors.

Washington, DC Bed Bug Exterminator Washington DC is the most reliable bed bug exterminator in Washington DC. Customers who have tried out their service are extremely impressed with their service and how affordable their prices are. George, one of Bed Bug’s customers, was happy with the service provided by the team. He said, “They were very knowledgeable about bed bug treatments and before they came to the house, they already told me what not to do while I waited for them to arrive. Eventually, when they came, they were able to immediately determine where these bed bugs were. We discussed the treatment and the next day, he sorted me out.” Gina had the same experience with Bed Bugs. “They were brilliant and affordable. I have already recommended them to my friends and family.”

Bed Bug Exterminator Washington DC is offering their clients a different kind of bed bug treatment. What the team does is present the various bed bug treatments they have and they give their clients the liberty to choose which option to go with. They explain the treatments in order for their customers to understand the pros and cons of their selected treatment. However, they guarantee that all their treatments are environment-friendly. They only use all natural and organic pesticides that are not harmful to humans, pets, or the environment. For more information visit

For those concerned with their bedbug treatment budget, Bed Bug Exterminator Washington DC offers a treatment package that will suit everybody’s budget. They want to be of service to their customers and make sure that these pesky bed bugs will not return inside their homes. They assure their clients that the treatment and maintenance program is affordable and will definitely eradicate the bed bug infestation that has invaded their client’s home. Bed Bug’s treatment plans are easy on the pocket.  

Bed Bug Exterminator Washington DC is located at 2635 Connecticut Ave NW in Washington, DC ( They can be reached by phone at (202) 750-4066, via email at [email protected], or from their website, Bed Bug Exterminator Washington DC guarantees that the bed bug infestation that has taken over their client’s home will be eradicated and all they will have is a space that is clean and bedbug-free.  

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