Great pleasure for Airwheel Smart Electric Scooter to let the masses enjoy the tech development

February 03 06:54 2018
There are many Airwheel riders all over the world, some just join the Airwheel family and some are veterans. Why does the Airwheel electric walkcar is highly sought-after? For riders, it is more than a personal transport, an entertainment tool and also an exercising tool.

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It is a great pleasure for Airwheel to let the masses enjoy the tech development. No matter you are a beginner or a veteran, you will have a lot fun from riding Airwheel. In the first place, it is super easy to learn without learning cost. For the first generation of self-balancing electric scooters, they adopt the gyro system for easier operation. For the E series and R series of Smart Electric Bike, they are much easier than the first generation products. Anyone can sit on the saddle and go forward. Especially, the R series referring to the electric moped bike, with various playing methods also attract many riders.

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Secondly, Airwheel’s high quality and comprehensive protection systems make riders rest-assured, allowing riders to enjoy a comfortable and safe riding experience. Airwheel electric hoverboard are certificated with many international certificates and featured by the multi-fold protection mechanisms. Its lithium battery has eight protection systems to make the ride smoother and safer. Also, thanks to the quality lithium battery, it has the function of environment protection.
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Then, portability is another feature of Airwheel, easy to carry around. It can be carried into office and be directly put into the trunk, and even into a backpack. It enables riders to effectively deal with the traffic jam. Speaking of the portability, we are going to discuss its multifunction. Airwheel smart electric scooter is a perfect combination of ergonomics and kinematics, bringing together a variety of functions, such as group leisure, entertainment, sports and fitness. Riding Airwheel regularly is conducive to improve riders’ physical and mental conditions.

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To conclude, as a new environmentally friendly means of transport and sports & leisure tool, Airwheel not only show out riders’ personality, but also can alleviate the resource consumption and air pollution.

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