Dattplace, An Online Platform To Connect With People who Care About and Experience Sense of Belonging

February 03 15:40 2018
Maslow’s Period of Needs states that all individuals need sense of belonging in order to survive. Social media is proven to provide individuals with sense of belonging through seeing status updates of their family and friends. But the problem is in some social media sites like Facebook, instead of seeing status updates of family and friends, what individuals see is irrelevant content like funny videos and news, overwhelming tutorials and more.

Dattplace’s visualized contacts tree function and number of notifications on top of profile pictures indicates that a person has new status updates. With these two known functions, all that users of Dattplace see is their family and friends’ updated status rather than the traditional status updates page that shows all the status updates from everyone on your friend’s list. With this feature, individuals also got to see the information that they truly wanted and needed to see. They will not see unnecessary information but only relevant ones that can help them improve their situation.

Dattplace is the ultimate solution to this problem. This is an exclusive social media platform allowing individuals suffering from unpleasant life events like job loss, breakup and more to connect with people they care and experience sense of belonging.

Dattplace is developed by Wuhan Raising Dragon Technology Co, Ltd, a trusted company specializing in R&D as well as operation services of social network products. This is a newly registered company taking pride of their latest product, Dattplace which is a self-developed social media platform providing users with interactive and customized services. Aside from letting individuals experiencing breakup and other unpleasant life situations feel sense of belonging, Dattplace also aims to break social barriers that re now present in the society and meet social demands as well as develop candid communications and sincere friendships.

Those individuals struggling from breakup or those who often say to themselves phrases like “I need friends” or “I need someone to lean on”, Dattplace is the perfect place to be. This social media platform will never let individuals be alone.

For more information, feel free to check out www.dattplace.com.

For further information or assistance, call at 86-027 8700 2684 or email at [email protected].

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