Shanghai Metal Corporation Announces The Availability Of Various Infrastructural Components For Use In Different Industries

February 05 15:17 2018
Shanghai Metal Corporation has been devoted to crafting a sweeping assortment of components that find extensive applications in different segments of an economy’s infrastructure including but not limited to ‘metallic’, ‘medical’, ‘construction’, ‘machinery’ and ‘mechanical’.

Any modern economy that promotes itself as an industrialized nation boasts of a robust, highly structured, and well-entrenched infrastructure. It does not need to be exaggerated that the onward progress and development of a modern-day economy becomes smooth and consistent if the country has an established infrastructure. Construction, transport and communication, telecommunications, metallic, logistics, mechanical, electrical, machinery, and healthcare are some of the crucial industrial sectors that comprise a nation’s core infrastructure.

Each and every infrastructural segment, in turn, incorporates near countless subcategories, each of which comprises of a range of products and subcategories. For instance, under the grouping of ‘metal industries’ are included the subcategories of aluminum products, copper products, metallic coated products, stainless steel products, and so on. Again, components like prepainted galvanized steel sheet, foil, strips, coils, tubes, and bars are classified under the heading ‘aluminum products’.

Shanghai Metal Corporation Announces The Availability Of Various Infrastructural Components For Use In Different Industries

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a renowned Chinese corporation that has been involved in manufacturing a range of products and components that find comprehensive applications in different infrastructural sectors of an economy. Towards this end, SMC creates products for commercial segments including ‘metal’, ‘construction’, ‘mechanical’, ‘electrical’, ‘medical’, ‘containers’ and ‘machinery’. The different infrastructural items that SMC produces are used in oil, water, and gas pipelines, ornamental metal sheets, mooring accessories, transformer components, heat exchanger pipes, boilers, solar powered appliances, elevators, tanks, roofing and ceiling etc.  Of all the myriad parts SMC manufactures, the company is a specialist when it comes to ‘metallic coated products’ grouped under the category of ‘metals’. Grouped under the subcategory ‘metallic coated products’ are products like ‘galvanized steel coil & strip’, ‘galvanized steel sheet & plate’, and ‘galvanized roofing sheet’’ and so on. 

Galvanized roofing sheet comprise components like ‘prepainted CGI sheet’ ‘IBR sheet’, ‘prepainted corrugated galvanized steel sheet’, ‘GI corrugated roof sheet’, and ‘prepainted CGI sheet’. SMC has the infrastructure for manufacturing 15,000 tons of CGI sheets on a month to month basis. These prepainted metallic roofing sheets are exported to organizational clients in Cambodia, US, Canada, Laos, Vietnam, and India, and many other countries. The main raw materials needed for fabricating the final product are aluminum sheet, prepainted galvalume steel, galvalume steel, prepainted galvanized steel, and galvanized steel. These sheets are available in a range of sizes. Shanghai Metal also furnishes customization with regards to the pattern and sizes of roofs. The firm also supplies roofing accessories like roof machine and roof fasteners or rivets.

The galvanized iron roofing sheet is used heavily in wall and roofing applications as well as for interior designing including awning and ceiling. At the same time, the GI sheets also are used for various other purposes.

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