O-tels.com considering the USA as its next stop

February 05 19:39 2018
United Kingdom-based travel company, O-tels.com, has announced plans to expand to the US market

O-tels.com is a new travel company based in United Kingdom, offering a wide range of online travel solutions tourists and travelers across the globe. In a bid to better service its clients across the globe and bring its quality travel solutions closer to the people, O-tels.com has announced plans to expand its services to the US market.

Traveling is fun and exciting. However, due to the high cost of travels and the time and efforts involved in making traveling affordable, many tourists and travelers alike have either had to contend with high travel costs or give up their plans. O-tels.com is, however, changing the industry and helping travelers access affordable traveling by offering a platform that compares hundreds of online travel price comparison websites, covering all aspects of traveling from hotel bookings to flights and transfer services.

The platform is considering making an entrance into the US market, after successfully establishing itself as a one-stop shop for all travel needs. As the central hub or end result for virtually all travel, O-tels.com allows users to find everything in one place and pay securely with no hidden fees, charges or taxes.

O-tels.com is consequently making travel plans easy, while significantly reducing the time and money spent on traveling. O-tels.com will be providing the US travel market with affordable hotel deals, interstate flights and international flights outside the United States of America to destinations across the globe including Europe.

In addition to providing a platform that allows users to find affordable flights and hotels in one place, the free to use platform ensures the safety and security of users, with all booking services thoroughly inspected by a Security Department.

O-tels.com will be bringing experience, creativity, and ingenuity into the US travel and tourism market with the planned expansion.

More information about O-tels.com and the several services offered can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

About O-tels.com

O-tels.com is a free online platform designed to provide travel solutions to tourists and travelers across the globe. O-tels.com is a United Kingdom based platform that compares hundreds of online travel price comparison websites, becoming the central hub for all travel needs.

Currently based in United Kingdom, O-tels.com plans to expand its services to other parts of the world, with the United States being the next planned stop.

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