New cryptocurrency Banc Coin to launch its ICO Pre-Sale in March 2018

February 05 19:42 2018

Banc Coin is the newly launched cryptocurrency, introduced by CRE Consulting Group, Inc. (CCGI), that will begin its ICO Pre-Sale in March 2018, with its full ICO launch estimated to commence in April 2018. This latest digital currency is a commerce cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but with the flare of creating a luxury and lifestyle crypto-economy.  CCGI has already partnered with companies in major industries, including a highly anticipated official meeting to propose a Smart-Contract, decentralized Telemedicine/ Pharmacy infrastructure in the country of Jamaica.

Banc Coin uses blockchain technology to eliminate barriers set by conventional payment systems and provide better access to Global Lifestyle and luxury. This technology offers an effective method of investing and securing the value of existing 500+ Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency. CCGI and its Partners aim to utilize this technology in creating the reality of a utopian crypto-economy. The aim of this new cryptocurrency is to make a Global Lifestyle accessible through the business ventures and partnerships established by CCGI. Banc Coin is backed by the endeavors of CCGI focusing on various sectors to make the luxury lifestyle accessible to a larger number of individuals.

Through the upcoming ICO (Pre-Sale and Sale), individuals and businesses will be able to contribute to this project through Banc Coin (BCCN) tokens, gaining profit rights awarded by a Smart-Contract and paid through Ether.

53% of the total funds raised from the ICO will be used in the development of the Banc Coin platform, 15% to cover the cost of operations and 10% will be used for the marketing purposes, to attract more individuals to join the project. The remaining 2% of the funds will be used for further research, 5% for addressing legal matters concerning the Banc Coin platform and 4% of the funds will be allocated to consulting.  During the ICO Pre-Sale, contributors can receive a 50% bonus for contributions made.  There will also be an additional 5% bonus tokens for contributions greater than or equal to $10,000. However, contributors are allocated no more than 10% of total bonus tokens during this timeframe.  CCGI will also assign a royalty gift from the anticipated All Access television series to the first 130 Blocks of $10,000 USD contributions.

Banc Coin’s blockchain technology brings decentralization of the Global Lifestyle economy system.  Accordingly, Banc Coin seeks to reign as the cryptocurrency of choice within the crypto-economy. 

The ICO will soon be available at

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